Mortgage Brokers

Why Speak To A Mortgage Broker?

Speaking to a mortgage broker will give you access to;

  • Many lenders in the marketplace including the major, second tier lenders, self employed lenders & non-conforming lenders (assisting with credit impaired clients).
  • To interest rates that aren’t always available to the public.
  • Experienced advice to help you obtain finance for your investment or project.
  • Rather than you sifting through dozens of potential lenders, home loans and interest rates, it’s a broker’s job to crunch the numbers and provide you with the best options, based on your personal situation and finances.

    You can walk into your nearest bank or lender, you can trawl through all the options online and apply for a loan without leaving your seat, or you can seek out a mortgage broker. A mortgage broker can take care of the entire application process for you, organising your documents, speaking with the bank, pushing the process along, and acting as your only point of contact all the way up to settlement and beyond. The great news is that organising an appointment and simply having a conversation with a broker is completely free!

    What Can Brokers Do For You?

    Assess your financial circumstances

    Your mortgage broker will take the time to discuss your needs and circumstances with you. This gives them the opportunity to determine which type of loan is most suitable.

    Find a suitable loan for your situation

    We find brokers that know how to assess your financial circumstances and find a suitable home loan for your situation.

    Manage the process & provide advice at every step

    There are many steps in the loan process and a professional mortgage broker will help you from your initial steps, such as getting pre-approval (where your loan is "approved" based on certain conditions such as loan value) right through to settlement.

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